Baby bonnet knitting - work Anastasia Silich

Детский чепчик спицами - работа Анастасии вязание и схемы вязания

Knitted cap for the baby.

Fit like a normal cap: recruited 68(2 banding, 66 to pattern) knit elastic one-on-one 2-2. 5 cm.

Now, knit pattern Pattern "waves" (number of loops multiple of 11): persons. series - 2 n. together persons., 3. p., 1. p. broach, 1 individuals. p., 1 individuals. p. of broach, 3 persons. p., 2 n together persons., Phi. the ranks of Phi. p. Alternation patterns: knit 6 rows of pattern "waves" and 4 rows of garter viscous.

All this knit three times , then vivasyan the head as the heel at the toe (and everywhere divide into three parts I 22 24 22 diminished to 10 loops). For securing the bottom to the remaining 10 loops scored with sides and knitted elastic band 1-1, do not forget to make holes. Then took the loop from the last row before the neck shaping the same 22 24 22 and tied cloves ( in my case 4 rows front surface 5 -*the two loops together, yo* and again 4 rows front surface. Cord scored 4 loops and knit stitch the front to a certain long, due to the edge loops it is voluminous.

Детский чепчик спицами - работа Анастасии вязание и схемы вязания

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