Shawl Underwater world - Mary Casanova

Шаль Подводный мир - работа Марии Казановой вязание и схемы вязания

My dear mistresses, I want to share my joy with You. In Fashion 587 published my shawl Underwater world with stunning pictures and detailed description. Sincerely Maria Casanova.

Шаль Подводный мир - работа Марии Казановой вязание и схемы вязания
Шаль Подводный мир - работа Марии Казановой вязание и схемы вязания
Шаль Подводный мир - работа Марии Казановой вязание и схемы вязания

Description shawl:

Shawl size: 1.9 m*1 m
You will need: 1.1 kg more different yarn "Yarn Art" (grass "tango") from white to dark turquoise color for the trim; fancy yarn "SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP" (30% wool, 70% acrylic) (16m/100g) and "Oh La La" (30% wool, 70% acrylic) (11 m/100 g), yarn production, Nazar-E "Swan's down" (170m/100g) for algae; yarn "Angora Active" (500m/100g) (25% mohair,75% acrylic) for the grid; "Lana Grossa Olympia Gold", manufactured in Italy (100 gr/100 m) (53% Merino wool,47% acrylic) yarn "Baby" (135m/100g); hooks suitable for the yarn sizes; linen thread for Bourdon; beads, soap tissue, the needle for embroidery with beads, natural shells.
Here is what he writes about the creation of the shawls: "I was always fascinated with their beauty and incredible diversity of the underwater world. So I decided to create this shawl. All that is in it, it's not fictional characters, but very real denizens of the deep". So let's follow the author go through the steps of creating shawls. First, on dense polyethylene draw a sketch of the shawl in natural size, focusing on Fig. 1. Painted side put on a white paper or cloth. This is the reverse side of the product. Associate required explanation: the schema corals And algae on the SC. B, anemones on the SC. V. Change their size by the number of obviou the hook during the knitting of the post column. The size of the algae define a sketch.

Hat pink Medusa tie oval shape, the desired size according to the principle scheme G, then there Adwaita yarn "tango" long chain VP desired length. Blue Medusa tie as follows: the oval on the principle of the scheme G of yarn "Baby" of the required size. Tie it two rows of SC yarn with lurex and "crayfish step" tape yarn sectional dyeing. From the oval link three small leaf that tie three rows of textured yarn "Babe". Embroidered transparent as water droplets, beads, double-sewing each bead to secure.

Pebbles of arbitrary shape tie yarn "SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP" SC. This yarn is very textured, thread the thick, the thin, the effect of the rocky bottom. A flock of small fish knit according to scheme D. For the manufacture of large fish on the rice. 1B sketch on thick fabric of the right color, insert in the Hoop and embroidered it with beads.

For beadwork and beading use stalk stitch Fig. 1B: type 2 beads and pass needle through the fabric on the inside around the second beads. Withdraw the needle at the front part between the first and second beads, and pass through the second hole beads. String the third bead and go back up the needle on the underside near just strung beads. Continue until you reach the desired result.

Next, you need to cut the embroidery at a distance of 6-7 mm from the edge of the embroidery, fold over and pin the fabric on the underside. Now that all the motifs are ready, begin Assembly. Knitted motifs baste the pattern wrong side up and connect the irregular grid. Tie the cloth with three rows of SC with yarn "Swan's down". For curls the edges of the tie yarn "Angora Active" cord of a certain length (measure in advance), tying linen thread SC.

Decorate it with festoons (SC, SS, 3 С1Н, PS, SC). Baste the cord to pattern. Inside flourishes bind the grid with arcs of the 7 EAP. Remove the basting. Tie the edges of the shawl yarn "tango" with arches of 10 trip: three rows of yarn of dark color, one medium and one white. Sew on the front side of the shawl, embroidered on the fabric fish. Add seaweed, attaching to the net fancy yarn "SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP" and "Oh La La", sew the finished shells. Feast your eyes on the finished shawl and Pat yourself on the back for the creation of exclusive products!

The scheme of knitting shawls:

Шаль Подводный мир - работа Марии Казановой вязание и схемы вязания

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