Knitting a blouse with the flower - work of Marina Efimenko

Вязаная спицами кофточка с цветком - работа Марины Ефименко вязание и схемы вязания

Hello girls! I really like all sorts of flowers and leaves. The summer sunset was contacted blouse. Yarn "Lily" (100% mercerized cotton). Took about 6 Hanks (50g 115m in). The spokes №2,5. A diagram and description attached.

Вязаная спицами кофточка с цветком - работа Марины Ефименко вязание и схемы вязания

Dimensions sweaters: 36/38 (40) 42/44.

For knitting you will need: 500 (550) 600 g of a yellow or green yarn Toredo (40% cotton, 40% polyacryl, 20% polyamide, 85 m/50 ); 1 long and 1 short circular needles and set stocking spokes № 4,5.

Square: to score 8 points, evenly distribute them on 4 hosiery needles, close work in the ring and knit 1 round. R. the diagram shows an odd circle. R. In an even circle. R. loop and nakida knit persons. to repeat 4 times the loop rapport (at the beginning of the needle is 1 rapport), to perform addition according to the scheme. If you need to switch to shorter range. spokes. 1 46, p. 1 run time, then 180 p. (= 4 repeats in p. 45) to postpone.

Knit garter: persons. and Phi. p. - persons. etc.; in a circle. p. alternately knit 1 round. p. - entities. p., 1 lap. R. - Phi. p.
Wrong expanse: persons. p. - Phi. p., Phi. p. - persons. etc.; in a circle. R. Knit only Phi.

Openwork pattern width of 14 p.: knit according to scheme 2, which shows only the odd circle. R. In an even circle. p. all loops and knit nakida entities. Repeat from 1 St to 10-th round, p

Note: the 9th circle. R. pattern not to execute on both sides of nakido subtraction and thus allow each rapport 2 p. Adding loop knit individuals. stitch and the next rapport to perform again in the middle above the previous one.

Density knitting sweaters.

1 square = 27.5 x 27.5 cm; garter stitch: 16,5 p. and 34 p. = 10 x 10 cm; persons. expanse and openwork pattern: 16,5 p. and 25 p. = 10 x 10 cm

Note: the pullover knit single sheet, starting with squares and lateral parts of the sleeves and the bottom. The arrow on the pattern = direction of knitting.

Description crochet blouse:

tie 1 square for the back and front. On long circular needles translate to the left side portion 45 of the first deferred loops 1-th square, re-dial for neck 15. p. and to include in the first 45 delayed loop of the 2nd square. 105 p. knit garter knitting, starting with P1. R. after 8 cm = 27 p. (9.5 cm = 33 p.) 11.5 cm = 39 p. from adding loops close to the side seam on both sides 1 x 23 (20) 17 p. and the remaining 59 (65) 71 n. continue to knit for the sleeves in garter viscous. After 16 cm = 55 p. (19 cm = 65 p.) 22 cm = 75 p. the set of all loops the loop close. The right side sleeve perform with opposite sides of the square as well. On short circular needles to dial to strap neckline relevant deferred 45 p. 1-th square, 15 p. - on a new set, 45 p. 2nd square and 15 p. - on a new set and all 120 p. knit garter viscous circle, R., while in the 1st round. R. on every square and on every new set of loops to subtract 2 n = 76 p. after 1 cm = 4 circle. R. plank all the loops to close

To run side seams and seams of sleeves.

On long circular needles to dial to the bottom, starting with the side seam along the short edge side portion 14 (17) 20 PP, to include in the work is delayed 45 p. the next square to score on the short side using the 2nd side seam 27 (33) 39 p., to use of 45 p. the next square and on the short side latest side part of the dial 13 (16) 19 p. All 144 (156) 168 p. knit garter knitting, starting with 1 round. R. Phi. After 4 cm = 14 circle. R. (5.5 cm = 18 round, R.) 6.5 cm = 22 circle. R. loops distribute trail. follows: 7 p. openwork pattern (= last 7 p. rapport) * 22 (25) 28 p. persons. surface, 14 p. openwork pattern, repeat from * 2 more times, finish 22 (25) 28 p. persons. smooth surface and 7 p. openwork pattern (= first 7 p. rapport). Due to additions in openwork pattern increases the number of loops persons. surface plots in the 9th round. R. pattern 2 p after 24 cm = 60 p. from the end of garter knit on the knitting needle will be 192 (204) 216 p.

All the loops knit into the straps for 1 cm = 4 circle. R. garter viscous, then all the loops close persons.

The scheme of knitting sweaters:

Вязаная спицами кофточка с цветком - работа Марины Ефименко вязание и схемы вязания

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