Headband and mitts. The Work Of Natalia

Повязка и митенки. Работы Натальи вязание и схемы вязания

Headband and mitts. Yarn acrylic 100%, 300 m per 100 g "Alize".

Bandage knitted openwork elastic band: enter the number of loops multiple of 4 + 2 stitches for the symmetry and 2 chrome. 1st row: chrome., 2 purl, 1 front , yo, 1 facial and so on until the end of the row, at the end of 2 Phi. and edge 2nd row in pattern, nakida purl 3rd row: chrome., 2 Phi., 3 front and of these the first three were put on two the next and so on until the end of the row. 4th row, figure 5 is a first Mitts knitting crochet - aerial loops and bars with stitches, the top and bottom mittens tied with arches

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