Baby socks knitting. Work Anya

Детские носочки спицами. Работа Anya вязание и схемы вязания

Baby socks. Lanoso Bonito yarn 49% wool-51% acrylic,100g-300m. Hosiery needles of 3.5. These socks are tied for my daughter 4 years.

To work to score 40 loops, distributed on 4 needles. Next, knit elastic 2 x 2, about 6 cm I Love to knit braids and vymazat them where possible=) Yes, that's where...and where not too. So, after graduating with a rubber band, proceed directly to spit on the back of the sock.

Детские носочки спицами. Работа Anya вязание и схемы вязания

Rapport pattern 12 loops. For your convenience, I switched to 3 needles, aligning the loops 1 and 2 of the spokes.
Thus, we obtain the following:

1 row: 4., 4 loops on extra. spoke before work, 4 persons. loops, are finished loops with EXT. spokes. Next, the remaining 8 loops facial. Don't forget that we have combined loops 1 and 2 spokes (i.e., on a single knitting needle 20 loops, 2 other 10).

The next 2 spokes - front. 2,3,4, ranks front in a circle.

5th row: the first 8 loops on the needle 1 of the front. Next, remove the 4 loops on extra. spoke at work. Knit trail. 4. loop with EXT. spokes persons., and then the rest are finished on the front needle. Provatas first spoke, i.e. 2 hinges, forget about it while knitting the heel. Then knit 2 and 3 knitting the heel height. Ie alternating between front row and purl.

I have it, it was 4.5 cm and 18 rows. Finish knitting the front next.

Further obuvki: mentally dividing our 20 loops into parts (7-6-7), start shaping the heel. In a purl row 7 knit all of the loops to the side, 5 loops of the Central part, 6-th loop center.h. and 1 loop the third part together.

Expandable knitting. Front row. Are finished to 5-th loop of the Central part, 6-.Yu are finished with the 1st loop lateral part. Expandable knitting and continue such obuvki until we will only have 6 loops of the Central part.

The next step is restoring circular sock knitting. To do this, recruit at sides of heel height for 9 loops and knit front to ubavka the top of the sock. Do not forget that the first needle we have KOs. So provyazat 3 rows of the front, begin pattern as the first row. Again 3 rows front and repeat 5 series. So knit to desired length of sock. In my case it is as much as 10 cm=) Further diminish the loop. The second sock I linked is similar.

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