Crochet baby booties. The Work Of Rimma

Пинетки спицами. Работа Риммы вязание и схемы вязания

Recruited 35 loops of thread green.

Begin knitting the soles from the first row in this order:

1 row: facial loop.

2nd row: the first loop to remove 1 front, yo, then 15 facial, yo, 1 facial (this is the center of the knitting), yo, 15 facial, yo, 1 front, 1 edge.

3rd row: facial loop.

4 range: first to remove the loop, 2 facial, yo, 15 facial, yo, 3 facial, yo, 15 facial, yo, 2 facial, 1 edge.

5 series: facial loop.

6th row: the first loop to remove, 3 facial, yo, 15 facial, yo, 5 front, yo, 15 facial, yo, 3 facial, 1 edge.

7th row: facial loop.

8 row: first a loop to remove, 4 face, yo, 15 facial, yo, 7 facial, yo, 15 facial, yo, 4 facial, 1 edge.

9 row: facial loop.

10 a series: the first loop to remove, 5 front, yo, 15 facial, yo, 9 facial, yo, 15 facial, yo, 5 front, 1 edge.

11th row: facial loop.

The needle should form loops 55 and our sole ready.

12 -13-14-15 series-hosiery knitting of the front rows knit facial loops, purl – purl. 16 row knit like this: remove the edge loop, then 2 loops are finished together front, 1 yo, 2 stitches together front, 1 yo, etc.

It's important to have as many nacidos how many times knit 2 stitches together; at the end of the series it turns out: 1накид, 1 front, 1 edge. Row 17 knit purl loops and needles should remain the same 55 loops. 18-19, a number also are finished hosiery knitting.

20 range: edge loop removed, then remove the next loop, then the right knitting needle, which already has the 2 loop picks up the first thing and move it to the left needle.

And removed the loop too, along with the fad move. On the right spoke left only the edge loop.

Now the loop along with the fad are finished the front loop. And so do all the rest of the loop. The fad need to take consistently, without missing any.

21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26,27, 28, 29, 30 a number of knit elastic 1x1. 31,32,33, 34 ranks as the 16th number.

When connected the second set of teeth begin to knit before the baby's booty, he vivaselecta as well as heel from the sock.

24 - 7 -24 loop. 24 are finished the front of the loop( along with edge) 25 loop front, 26 loop – back, 27-I – facial, a 28 – purl, 29 face, 30 loop – back, 31 and 32 of the loop are finished along the front.

Now turn the knitting to the other side and knit in pattern, 2 stitches together purl. And so knit as long as the spokes will only have 39 loops. 16 -7-16 loops. Now are finished 2 series front.

To make holes for lace – knit 2 stitches together yo. Then 8 rows garter knit. On the spokes we have 39 loops. Now do the last row of denticles. Close the last row of teeth white and a little bit different. Given that this is the last row, we on the right needle leave nothing behind, all moving left. And cling not white fad, and green. Remove from left needle 1 loop, hook the green fad Fad, the loop edge and the loop are finished along the front and move to left needle. Moved the loop and the next loop is removed, then picks up the thing, then they all are finished front and put on left needle.

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