Booties for babies. The Work Of Rimma

Пинетки для малышей. Работа Риммы вязание и схемы вязания

Figure. We print on the spokes 37 of the loops.

The next (purl ) row facial loops are finished. Now we turn our sample on the front side, tie from the edge of the ball of the second color and knit already black thread, 1 th. p. (black thread) to redo the loop, not promazyvaya(thread at work), 3 persons., to re-shoot the loop 3. to redo the loop, etc.

2nd R. back (black thread) - loop to re-shoot ( thread before work), 3., 1 loop reshoot, 3 persons....etc the replaceable Thread again.

3rd R. front (filament orange color) - 2. p, 1 (black) to reshoot, 3 persons, 1 redo, 3 persons. etc.

4th R. reverse (orange thread) - 2 front, 1 redo, 3 facial, 1 reshoot, etc. Next, repeat the pattern from 1 number to 4.

To gain 45 stitches on needles and knit garter viscous, adding every 2nd row for 4 loops (two near the middle and around the edge on that one). Provarite so until then, until the spokes will not be 65 loops. Next, knit across the row without adding еще10 series.

Then start to knit the toe 26-13-26, promazyvaya hinges at the joints along the front and subtracting therefore, by 1 loop on each side of the 13 secondary loops. The subtraction is made until pokana spokes will be 13 medium and 17 loops on loops on both sides of them, i.e. only 47 of loops. Continue to purl 2 rows., associate openwork row of holes (yo and 2 loops along the front to the end of the row). Then knit booties to the desired height. Sew in holes to stretch the cords.

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