Booties with bears. The Work Of Rimma

Пинетки с мишками. Работа Риммы вязание и схемы вязания

We print on the spokes thread main color 35 loops and are finished 1 row of facial.

Then knit the sole: 8 rows of garter viscous, adding in each facial series of 4 loops ( 1 after the first loop, 1 before and after the Central loop 1 and before the last loop). This is to ensure that the bottom was oval, nakida knit in the trail. row crossover loop to avoid holes. The spokes should be 49 loops. Then knit the side part of the booties. 12 rows of garter viscous. Next, draw toe booties. For this are finished, as the heel from the sock. 20-9-20 knit medium 9 loops facial, at the end of each lines are finished the ninth loop together with the loop of the other piece. Diminish loop until there will be only 9 secondary loops and 13 loops on each side. Are finished before the end of the row and knit top booties elastic 2*2's booty to sew. Decorate muzzles of Teddy bears.

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