Booties Of Saferock. The Work Of Rimma

Пинетки Зефирочки. Работа Риммы вязание и схемы вязания

Description bootees

We print on the spokes 30 stitches, leave a tail of thread cm 20 – then we'll sew this thread.

Garter viscous knit 79 rows. 80 series – you need to close the loops 13 and 17 (the remaining) of knit facial loops. 81st – facial loops, 82nd – back loop, 83rd – facial loops, 84th – back loop, the 85th – facial loops, 86 – 87 front loop-rd – inside-out loop, 88th – facial loops, 89th – facial hinge, 90-th – back loop, the 91st – facial loops, 92nd – back loop, the 93rd – facial loops, 94th – facial loops, 95th – back loop 96 of the front loop, 97th – facial loops, 98th – back loop, the 99th – facial loops, 100-th – purl loop, a 101 – facial loops, 102nd – facial loops, 103rd – back loop, 104th – facial loops, 105 – facial loops, 106th – back loop, the 107th – facial loops, 108th – back loop, The 109th – facial loops, 110th – facial loops, 111th – back loop, 112-nd – facial loops, 113th – front hinges 114 – back loop, the 115th – facial loops, 116th – back loop, the 117th – facial loops, 118th – facial loops, 119 – back loop, the 120th – facial loops, 121st – facial loops, 122nd – back loop, 123rd – facial loops, 124th – back loop, the 125th – facial loops, 126th – the front loop, the 127-th – purl loops, 128th – facial loops, you Should get 6 front and 6 inside-out lanes. 129th – facial loops, 130-y – back loop, the 131st – facial hinge. It turned out nadopasana facial stripe. Interrupts the thread with a long stock of 20 cm.

Turn a's booty in half, wrong side out, aligning edges. Sew striped baby booties part to the opposite side, counting from the edge of the knitting loops 13. Knit sew the horizontal seam. It needs to form the 4th (132nd from the beginning) a number nadopasana facial stripes.

Next – widehem in the needle and white thread, which was left in the beginning knitting. Begin the Assembly of the sole. Striped at bottom, dial edge at one loop from each strip. Contractible thread in a circle, fasten with a knot. This thread on the stitching of the sole toward the heel. Likewise, collect in a bundle the upper part of the booties. Devem needle in plain white thread for sewing. Neatly sew top of hat bow or the button. Bumpers white cloth folded in half and turns outwards. Baby's booty is ready! Knit the second similar to the first.

Garter stitch: all loops fit in the front and in the front and in the back rows. Size can be changed, if you take the strings thicker or knit in two yarns, or knitting on size and thicker knit under the same description.

Пинетки Зефирочки. Работа Риммы вязание и схемы вязания

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