Booties for girls crochet. The Work Of Olga

Пинетки для девочки. Работа Ольги вязание и схемы вязания

Booties for girls( white). Yarn - baby cotton Kid's Cotton. Hook No. 2. For decoration used beads and satin ribbon. Turned gentle booties for a girl, age up to 6 months.

Пинетки для девочки. Работа Ольги вязание и схемы вязания

Start knitting booties with soles. Enter the hook 15 air. p. In the last 15-loop (the hook) provarite 6 стс1н. 13 subsequent loops provarite 13 стс1н. In the extreme 15 - th loop provarite 6 стс1н. Provarite 13 стс1н and return to the place of beginning knitting. Provarite 1 SC to join and finish the series. Type 1 air. p. as lift loops. In the same loop, which vymazal SC, proverite 1 стс1н. Further according to the pattern of the soles are finished in 2 стс1н in each стс1н the previous row.

схема вязания подошвы

Total need to purl 12 стс1н. Continue to knit the oval. 13 стс1н are finished on the Central part of the sole. On the circular part 12 are finished стс1н. Then again on the middle part – 13 стс1н and finish a series as well as first circular row of columns without nakida. Similar to the first and second row, knit the third схеме1. Finish a series of SBN.

Sole banded columns without nakida in the following way. On the side curved sections alternating knit 2 SC in 1 сс1н previous row and 1 SC in стс1н the previous row. On the side parts of the soles are finished in each стс1н one SC. The last row of the soles of waves knitting: circular phase: *3 стс1н are finished in one стс1н the previous row, Poustovit*. Alternate from * to *. on a straight lateral area: *3 стс1н are finished in 1 стс1н the previous row, skip one loop, Poustovit, skip one loop*. Alternate from * to *.

Finish knitting prostovisa. Cut and fasten the thread.

Пинетки для девочки. Работа Ольги вязание и схемы вязания

Go to the knitting "pumps" booties. Enter the hook perpendicular to the sole between SBN 4th circular row (number of columns without nakida). Grab the working thread, stretch and are finished with polostevichi a number on the sole. Should be we have the pigtail in the sole of the booties. When she knit, the thread should be cut and fastened. Start the hook in one of the loops of the braid and stretch the working thread through the loop. The loop, which will make the hook to choose the mid-sole booties. Air 1 are finished. p. pigtail Banded columns without nakida.

This will be the first number of "pumps" the Second row and the third tie стс1н. The thread is not interrupted. "Boat" ready. Go to the knitting the upper part of the booties. Provarite in the 4th row only half the number of стс1н. Given that the number of columns with nakida one should be in this row are multiples of 5. Proceed to the next row with uravneniyami loops. Provarite 5 стс1н 5 стс1н the previous row. Then make the decrease of the loops. Count 5 loops of the previous row. They proverite 3 стс1н together. Ie .of the five loops you should get 3 стс1н, knit together.

Again count 5 loops and make obuvki. And so take away up until the end of the row will be 5 loops. Their provarite as it is – 5 стс1н 5 стс1н the previous row. Our upper part of the booties began to wrap it up inside. Turn work. Next row with a knit uravneniyami: 5 стс1н 5 previous стс1н, 1 стс1н those three together. loop (all posts collected on the hook to purl together are finished), and again 5 стс1н 5 стс1н the previous row. Connect the beginning and the end of the upper part of the booties prostovisa.

Not interrupting the thread, tying a's booty in a circle SC. Next row – стс1н. The following series is a set with holes for the eyelets. Knit like this: *стс1н, air.p*. Between стс1н skip one loop of the previous row. Next row – between стс1н provarite 2 стс1н. The tie's booty as the sole on a circular plot. Knitted crochet's booty adorn a white satin ribbon. On the basis of bootees sew (well) of the beads.

Master class with photos on the link

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