Blanket with bunnies. The Work Of Ivanova Svetlana

Плед с зайчиками. Работа Ивановой Светланы вязание и схемы вязания

The winner of this plaid bunnies also became my little grandson . The middle of the rug connected by spokes garter viscous yarn "Baby" (color crystal and cromack - forest bell, it took about 10 Hanks (50g - 135 m)).

Along the perimeter of the blanket - crocheted and sewn between a rectangular motifs with bunnies (34 pieces), yarn density should be the same color gray, pink, purple two colors.

The scheme of knitting:

схема вязания пледа

Bunny description:
Body and head

The Bunny consists of two identical circles connected in the following way:
Dial a chain of 3 loops.

1st row: 12 columns with nakida in the first loop of the chain (the last loop on hook). Lock knitting in the round connecting bar.
2nd row: 2 column with nakida in each loop of the previous row. Only 24 of the column. Lock the connecting column.
3rd row: * 1 column without nakida, 2 column without nakida in the next loop*. repeat from *to* to end of round. A total of 36 columns.

Плед с зайчиками. Работа Ивановой Светланы вязание и схемы вязания


Dial a chain of 10 loops of pink thread.
1st round: 1 column without nakida in the second loop of the chain, 1 column without nakida in the next loop of chain, 2 polostevichi with nakida 4 column with nakida. A last loop of chain, 5 columns with nakida. Next: 4 column with nakida, 2 polostevichi with nakida, 2 columns without nakida.

2nd round: tie eyelet columns without nakida gray thread. On the rounded ear promazyvaya 5 times for 2 column without nakida in each loop.
Sew the torso and the head. Sew ears.
Tie Bunny scheme so as to obtain a rectangle.
After all the motives are connected, sew them together. 102 manufacture of pompon. 3 on each Bunny. Sew on the beady eyes.

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