Knit knitting booties. The Work Of Ivanova Svetlana

Вязаные спицами пинетки. Работа Ивановой Светланы вязание и схемы вязания

Booties bunnies were bound at the gift the little boy. Took the yarn "Semenovskaya" (50 % wool, 50% acrylic). Perhaps the description is there (it is taken from the Internet), but You do not seek, I imagine with a little adjustment.

Description bootees

1. Sole. All series-facial hinge.
Blue thread on the spokes dial 7 loops (1 and 7 loop edge). Bind 1 row.
2, 4, 6 rows around the edge to make nakida, in the odd rows knit across the row. crossed. On the spokes we will have 13 loops.
Knit without of increases 13 purl stripes (26 rows).
Then on each side make 1 nakida and 15 loops of the knit without of increases to get the 23 stripes ( 46 rows).
On each side at the beginning and end of the odd rows purl 2 loops together until the spokes will not remain 7 loops. Loops to close.

Вязаные спицами пинетки. Работа Ивановой Светланы вязание и схемы вязания

2. White thread 4 needles in a circle to dial a loop so that the toe was 12 loops, and the rest of the spokes on even number of stitches.Knit the "teeth"
Knitting circle 1 row of facial loops.
2 row – 2 together persons., yo – repeat to end of row.
3, 4 rows of the front. White string tie and trim.
I knit circle of blue thread and form the "teeth".
For this loop the next row, combine with the blue loops of the last row that are in front of the white.

Knit 9 rows in a circle.

3. Knit the toe on the front 12 hinges as the heel of the sock.
12 the loop to move to the second needle and purl 2 stitches together front. The work turn.
The thread before work, 1-d loop to shoot, and the rest of purl, not promazyvaya last. To throw it to the other needle and purl 2 together purl. The work turn.
First loop to remove the rest of the knitting front. So to repeat, while on the 3 spokes will not remain on 30 stitches+12 loops of the toe.
To stay on the wrong row.

4. Next knit booties inside the circle.
2 rows purl.
7 rows elastic 1 × 1.
7 series front.
1 row of purl.
7 series front.
Tie white thread.
1 row of front, 1 row of Phi. 1. number, 1 the number of Phi.
Blue thread, 2 rows of front
White thread, 1 row front, 1 row of Phi. 1. number, 1 the number of Phi. Loops to close.

5. Ears.
On the needles white thread dial 22 of the loop, purl 1 row Phi.
Blue thread, 6 rows, alternating front and purl rows. Blue thread trim, leaving long end. They then sew the ears to the base.
White thread and 2 rows. Loops to close. Hook to connect the 2 edges. You can sew on eyes or buttons associated eyes.

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