Booties Crocodiles. The Work Of Rimma

Пинетки Крокодильчики. Работа Риммы вязание и схемы вязания

Booties "Crocodiles". Yarns, "Kids novelty". Knitting needles 3.0 mm. Size 9.5 cm.

Description bootees:

To gain 42 loop (number of loops multiple of 8+2 cu.
1 row – all the loop Phi.
2 number – cu., *yo, 1 persons.*, cu.
3 row – cu., *yo pull from the needles, K1*, cu.
4, a number – cu., *the yarn before knitting, dial 7 loops on left needle and knit into P1. (7 along Phi.), 1. associate 7. (K1, yo, K1, yo, K1, yo, K1)*, cu.
5 a row – as 1st row.
6th row - as 2nd row.
7th row – as 3rd row.
8 row – cu., *1. associate 7. (K1, yo, K1, yo, K1, yo, K1), the yarn before knitting, dial 7 loops on left needle and knit into P1.(7. together.)* cu.

3 are finished to such "scales", i.e., 3 times repeat this pattern (1 to 8 series).
Next 8 rows of garter viscous, and close the loop. This cuff booties.
Wavy edge to get a loop. Each of the scales 4 loops and 4 between the scales, throwing in a needle loop to make 40 loops, to distribute the loop on 4 needles and purl 1 row front.
Then, in the middle of one needle 11 to move the loops and tie it with 18 rows of garter viscous, finish on individuals. side.
Dial on the side 8 of the loops and knit in a circle, then dial 8 loops and 7 purl rows facial hinge. On the spokes 55 of the loops. Next 4 rows izenave. loops, 4 row front loops. To create pintucks and knit the sole of socks and viscous. Knitting is wide.
Closed loop.

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