Blouse for girls crochet. Work Roxanne

Кофточка для девочки крючком. Работа Роксаны вязание и схемы вязания

Blouse tied at the girl a year and a half, I took the yarn Trinity "Scarce", hook number 2. Color white sectional and short sections.

Description blouse:

Sectional recruited 93 loops, divide them as follows: on the shelves in 12 loops on the back and sleeves 23 of a loop, and 4 loops repanich. Knit 10 rows SSN series rotary sectional yarn according to the scheme, then combine the shelves with the back and knit another 4 rows without the sleeves. Now change the thread to white and knit rows 13-14 of this thread. Here the main part is ready, now knit the sleeves. The sleeves are knit with Obafemi - 1 twist every third row. 19 rows are finished with thread in white, then 2 rows sectional, and 1 row strapping on the scheme №1. Now, knit trims. I tied the edges of the shelves eight rows of SC, leaving on one side the holes for the buttons. Pocket - an ordinary rectangle of SSN, 17 loops, 7 series, tied with Pico. Further tying the neck in the same pattern, which was bound sleeves (scheme No. 1). Not picking the thread from the straps and banded bottom blouse veerachai scheme No. 2. Closing thread, hide the ends and sew the buttons. Soft and warm sweater finished!

The scheme of knitting sweaters:

Кофточка для девочки крючком. Работа Роксаны вязание и схемы вязания

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