Black pullover with openwork top. The Work Of Eugene Rudenko

Чёрный пуловер с ажурным верхом. Работа Евгении Руденко вязание и схемы вязания

Black pullover with openwork top. The idea is to link this pullover came when I accidentally found a very detailed and understandable master class non-separable the knitting pattern of flowers, from the author Olesya Suhomlinova ( lissa fox) . This pullover knit from yarn Madam Tricot crystal, composition: 100% acrylic, length of yarn in Hank: 475 meters, the hook No. 3, the cost of 44 p-p only 3 skeins.

Now a little about the process of knitting. Knit the bottom part of the circle fairly simple pattern "tick". Linking I need the height of the main canvas, I folded it in half , that is, determined where will the front and back. Then moved on to knitting the upper part and sleeves,that is, knowing the size of one flower and the length of the sleeves, I knit all at once.First, knit a strip to the desired length, then knit a row on the front of the pullover, and then continued to knit, the stripes on the length of the second sleeve.Thus knitting rotary series I need the height of the openings.Did the same thing and on the back, then in the last Raju joined the two paintings form a sleeve and leaving the right size neck. The bottom of the pullover elastic band tied with the relief column. with nakida.

Schema patterns for pullover:

схема узора для пуловера

схема узора для пуловера


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