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Вязаные пинетки - машинки. Работа Ивановой Светланы вязание и схемы вязания

These booties cars were bound for my little grandson when he was several months, this form booties for a boy - just a class.

Description of knitting similar booties on the Internet a lot, but if you want to link, you can use the description here.

The yarn I used three colors, blue, white and Navy blue Semenov Svetlana (100 g - 250 m). used sew-on buttons-eyes, in order not eliminated, still need spokes and a hook for vyvazhivanija wheels.
Booties are knitted with needles of the front rows, the result is garter knit.

Knitted booties for toddlers, step-by-step description

1. Recruited 35 loops of blue yarn (if more leg - 40 loops, then the calculation will change), knit every row facial loops added around the edges and on either side of the Central loop (one loop through the series 3 times, i.e. 6 rows). It turns out 47 of loops.

пинетки спицами мастер - класс

2. Are finished 2 rows garter knit (front loops) in white.

пинетки спицами мастер - класс

3. Next 6 rows of the front loops in blue.

пинетки спицами мастер - класс

4. Vivasyan toe booties, this is the same principle as vyvazhivanie heel: 18 loops are finished, then another 10, and eleventh loop knit with the following of 18. Turn work. Knit so, while the edges will be 11 loops.

пинетки спицами мастер - класс

5. Knit "windshield" of the car white thread on medium 11 loops, i.e. a side 11 of the loops do not touch. Knit 10 rows of garter viscous, then diminish to rounding "glass", 1 hinge with both sides. Must stay a total of 7 loops, and knit in will be a total of 14 rows.

пинетки спицами мастер - класс

6. Now back to pending hinge 11 side: 11 proative side loops dialed on the edge of the "glass" on the one hand 7 loops, 7 loops open, which remained after rounding "glass", 7 loops on the edge of "glass" on the other side and 11 side loops on the other side. And now knit about 6 rows of purl stitch to rolica, not tight closing loop, rulik himself screwed.

пинетки спицами мастер - класс

7. Further vivasyan lapel white thread-like socks, elastic 1x1. With this customer's booty would be great to stand on the leg, and the baby's leg will be warm. Recruited to turn-on the reverse side booties lower edge 33 of the loop, knit 12-14 cm, close the loop.

пинетки спицами мастер - класс

8. Sew a's booty.

пинетки спицами мастер - класс

9. Start processing: vivasyan hook 8 of the same wheels that are sewn; embroider wipers, grille sewn eyes. All!

пинетки спицами мастер - класс пинетки спицами мастер - класс

Вязаные пинетки - машинки. Работа Ивановой Светланы вязание и схемы вязанияВязаные пинетки - машинки. Работа Ивановой Светланы вязание и схемы вязания

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