Skirt crochet. Tatiana's Work Bespecanskis

Юбка крючком. Работа Татьяны Беспичанской вязание и схемы вязания

The skirt is connected in the technique of knitting loin, thread Pekhorka "Successful" (100% cotton), yarn consumption of 500 grams, hook 1.75 mm. skirt Length 80 cm Second option skirt color Burgundy is a thicker thread with a different composition, yarn "Brilliant" VITA (45% wool, 55% acrylic, 100 grams, 380 yards).

Юбка крючком. Работа Татьяны Беспичанской вязание и схемы вязания

Based on the description taken skirt of the dress. To dial a hook №1.5-261 EP to close in the ring and knit 2 p. scheme 1. To continue alternating the CX. 2 and CX. 3. When the skirt is ready to add length over it on the chart 4 the top part of the dress to prisalivaya. using a hook smaller. The neckline run, applying the product to the pattern in full size. On the back cut under the zipper to a depth of 20cm. Upper edge products to tie 1R. SC. sew on buttons. To associate floral motifs on the SC. 5 yarn of different shades of blue and the leaves on the SC. 6. with green yarn, sew the product, as seen in the photo.

The scheme of knitting:

схема вязания юбки

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