Knitting stole a Leaf of lilac. The Work Of Victoria

Вязаный спицами палантин Лист сирени. Работа Виктории вязание и схемы вязания

Knitted tippet Sheet lilac / Lilac leaf, from the book "Knitting shawls" designer Nancy Bush. Yarn of"Likes" on German technology 75% Merino, 25% wool dog 100 gr. 300 meters. Spokes for a set of loops number 5 in the two strands, the knitting №4,5 in one thread.

Вязаный спицами палантин Лист сирени. Работа Виктории вязание и схемы вязания

The description of the tippet

The thread in two additions scored 95 loops loops are a very flexible way. Further, in one thread knitted two rows of front loops. Then switched to the scheme. The first and the last 5 loops form the edge. They are always, in any row are knitted front loops form a garter binding. This is the first scheme for her knit 56 rows.
"NOP" can be crocheted from 5, 7, 9 or more loops. To knit "nupp" of the 5 loops have one loop to knit K1, yo to yourself, K1, yo to yourself, K1. Very freely. In the next row, all these loops together. promazyvaetsya, and "nopp" ready!

In order to "nupp" was smooth, before you purl into the loops together purl, insert right needle into all of the loops that will tomanipulate and purl into the loop, so they have leveled off, and then provarite them all together inside-out loop. After 56 series switched to the second schema. Knit 1 through 20 a series, just repeated 14 times.Then tied the series with 21 at 62 a time. Then he tied a second border on the first diagram. After the second tied fringe sewn to the main fabric. Did the lock.

Вязаный спицами палантин Лист сирени. Работа Виктории вязание и схемы вязания

The scheme of knitting the stole.

схема вязания палантина

схема вязания палантина


Description stole from the book:

The size of the finished shawl: width about 51 cm, length of 167,5 cm, after stretching and shrinkage.
Yarn: Wool from West Horizons Lace Yarn (100% wool, 480 m/50 g), natural white color, 1 skein.
The spokes are straight with a thickness of 3.75 mm. If necessary, experiment with spokes of different thickness.
Other supplies for knitting: markers, pelletization, tapestry needle.

Sample: 11 loops x 1 7 rows = 5 cm knit hosiery to stretch; repeat pattern of leaves in 12 loops and a border -width of about 6.5 cm, after stretching and shrinkage.

The Central part of this beautiful shawl decorated with old and very popular motif. The shawl begins with a lace border, after border should be a border with a pattern of rhombuses. The middle fill the leaves of lilac, the upper border is the mirror image of the bottom. The top edge of the shawl is knit separately and sewn to the main part to the direction of knitting the same. Ribbed knit visually separates the motifs of the pattern and is trimmed on the long sides of the shawl.

"Bump" into 7 loops
Knit very loose, complete ([1 L, yo] 3 times, 1 L) on one loop - it will "bump" into 7 loops. In the next row provarite seven loops, "bumps", as one wrong (as shown in the diagram), the number of loops will be reduced.

The bottom lace edging, border and the Central part

Take the thread in two additions to dial 95 loops. Cut one thread, continue to knit in one strand. Provarite the front 2 rows. Do the rows 1 to 56 according to the diagram for the lace edging and border, place markers after the first 5 P and before the last 5 h, remove the first loop of each row, except the first, as if going to purl it wrong, with the working thread is found. Loop before and after tokens run viscous ribbed. Browse for the schema in the Central part and border. Retreat 5 P from each end of the knitting needle, repeat rows 1 -20 schema only 14 times, then one time -series 21-62, finish next inside-out: the scheme of the Central part and a border should be linked 322 series, if you count from the beginning - 378 series. Cut thread, leaving an end length of 30.5 cm Transfer loops on holder or spare needle.

Upper lace edging

In two lines, type 95 loops. Cut one thread, continue to knit only one. Provarite the front 2 rows. Follow only the rows 1-32 scheme for the lace edging and border, placing markers as shown. Cut thread, leaving an end length of 30.5 cm promazyvaya loop, remove all the stitches as purl on free knitting needle to point to the left edge and the piece was facing you.

Stitching the Central part and the top of the lace edging

If necessary, move the Central loop of the other needle, BOS to yourself, that the tip of the needles was pointing to the right. Keep the Central part and upper lace hem, right sides out (wrong side inside) to the tip of both needles pointed to the right. Pass the thread from the skein into tapestry needle, knit stitch horizontal seam between two parts, adjusting the tension of the stitches to match the tension of the loops of knitting. Cut the thread, put the knitting in the ends, leaving a tail length of 5 cm, which you will need to trim after stretching.


Gently wash the shawl by hand with a soft soap and warm water. Stretch the shawl that she purchased the size 56x183 cm, pin each prong [2, 1 L, 2 NSP]. The finished product after shrinkage will have a size 51x167,5 see When the shawl is dry, tuck the ends of the thread, trim the tails flush with the surface of the shawl.

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