Slippers knitting Capucine. Tatiana's Work Nakonechny

Тапочки спицами Капучинки. Работа Татьяны Наконечной вязание и схемы вязания

Slippers "Capucine".

For knitting you need to:

  • spokes №2,5;
  • yellow and brown yarn "Souffle" (acrylic, 292 m/100 g) — 50 g

The density of knit: 26 p. 30 p. = 10 x 10 cm

The Slippers description

Dial yellow yarn and knit 11 p. boards. viscous 22 p.

Series No. 23: chrome. p. (., yo., yo, .) triple, chrome. p.

A number of number 24 and even: Phi. p.

Series No. 25: chrome. p., (2., yo., yo, 2 persons.) triple, chrome. p.

Series No. 27: chrome. p., (3., yo., yo, 3.) triple, chrome. p.

Series No. 29: chrome. p., (4., yo., yo, 4.) triple, chrome. p.

Row No. 31: chrome. p., (5., yo., yo, 5.) triple, chrome. p.

Series No. 33: Krom. p., (6., yo., yo, 6.) triple, chrome. p.

Series No. 35: chrome. p. (7., yo., yo, 7.) triple, chrome. p.

Series No. 37-40: persons. surface.

Series No. 41-44: brown yarn, . surface.

Series No. 45-46: yellow yarn. surface. Brown yarn knit elastic 1x1 only mid 13 p. p. the rest of the shoot on extra spokes. At the end of the series along with the latest p. are finished according to claim with EXT. spokes persons., Knit 2 together to the extra spokes will not remain p. Further, on both sides of the front of the dialed brown
yarn for and knit 21 p: 12 p. boards. binding, p. 33 rubber band, 12 p. of plat. viscous. 30 R. are finished, close all the loops, running the seam on the heel.

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