Knitting tunic. The Work Of Olga Yaroslavl

Вязаная спицами туника. Работа Ольги Ярославской вязание и схемы вязания

Tied daughter a tunic made of yarn "Semenovskaya". Product size 44 it took 750 grams of yarn. On the before scored 116 loops and knit elastic band 2x2 20 cm and Then switched to knitting pattern "Honeycomb". Dawasa to the mouth, netted neckline and without closing the loop of the shoulder, ripped open the loops on the pin.

Back knitting as well. Then knit seam stitched open loops front and back. On the edge of the scored neck loop and tied the collar band 2x2.
Then scored the edge loops from the front edge of the canvas and with canvas back and knit elastic band 2x2 5 cm On elastic band from the front carried out the 3 holes for the buttons at the same distance from each other.

Pattern "Honeycomb":

1.Recruit points (count is a multiple of 2).
2.First row. Do the edge loop, removing her just spoke. Then do the heap and remove the next loop nepovezane. Repeat to end of row. The edge loop are finished wrong.
3.We received a number of reverse loops. Start the second row, which starts to form a pattern.
4.Second row. The first loop – edge (just remove). After this two loops together are finished the front. Do the heap and remove the next loop. Keep repeating this sequence until the end. The edge are finished wrong. Ready range level and again turn.
5.Third row. Edge shoot. After that do 1 facial and remove the loop. After that, until the end of the row alternate 2 facial, and a third just to shoot. Edging knit purl
6.Fourth row. Edge shoot. Then do the heap and remove the next loop without promazyvanija. Until the end of the row repeat a sequence of two loops facial, a loop heap and shoot. The edge are finished wrong again. Ready number turn.
7.Fifth row. Do edging. Then to end of row repeat: 2 front and 1 to shoot without promazyvanija. The edge are finished wrong. Overturn.
8.Sixth row start to repeat knitting from 2nd to 5th.

This is an automatic translation of the publication in Russian.

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