Crochet top. Work Ksenia Tikhonenko

Топ крючком. Работа Ксюши Тихоненко вязание и схемы вязания

Top turquoise. Cute top, handmade, crocheted with individual motifs will not leave you without attention. Knit top with yarn daffodil 100% cotton 395m/100g 2 left Hank, crooked finger No. 2.

Топ крючком. Работа Ксюши Тихоненко вязание и схемы вязания
Топ крючком. Работа Ксюши Тихоненко вязание и схемы вязания

Scheme knitting top:

Схема вязания топа:


Description of top:

Size 42-44.
You will need: 150 g of yarn (100% cotton); hook № 2,5. The diameter of the large motif (scheme 9.1) = 24 cm Diameter of the middle motive (ranks 1 -4 scheme 9.1 ) = 10 cm the diameter of the small motif (scheme 9.2) = 5 cm Diameter of the small motif (scheme 9.3) = 2.5 cm.

Execution of work: the connection method of all motifs between them in the diagram. The precedence order of motives and their connection following. Associate 3 large motif according to the scheme 9.1, linking them together in the last row as indicated by the arrows points. Bind 4 secondary motive in scheme 9.1, running only from 1 -St to 4-th rows and attach them to large motifs. Knit 6 small motifs according to the diagram 9.2 , to 2 connecting them among themselves and at the same time to each the big and between the motifs. To fill in the gaps between the circles to carry 9 small motifs according to the scheme 9.3, tying them in the last row.

Assembly: top the big reasons to run the piping as shown in scheme 9.4, and then associate 2 rows St. b/n, while in the 2nd row after each 4th columns to perform a "Pico". For harnesses from the front of the circle to link 3 of the chain of the 88 air. p. (= 34 cm), fixing them at the back. The two ends of the chain are spaced 2 "Pico" from the mean. Each chain tie 2 rows St. b/n. 3rd row: *4 tbsp. b/n, 1 "Pico" (3 air. p., 1 tbsp. b/n in the first air. p.)*. The third row in the far run only on the outside, but on the average — on both sides, in the middle (on the shoulders) knit 12-13 cm and performing "Pico" instead of the second air. p. to make a hook for a loop of the neighboring chains to bond them together.

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