Hat and booties knitting

шапочка и пинетки спицами

Hello, my dear needlewoman! My name is Elena Zubkova, live in a small town of Bataisk of the Rostov region. Mother of four children, working as a school teacher of history and social science. Knit 10 years old, I like it very much. I want to present to your court their work supporting for newborn girl, knit on a present for one baby. An associated set of yarn Yarn Art, Alize and Baby soft. Went about 60-70 gr 40 gr pink and white. For decoration used beads, ribbons, lace. Basic patterns-elastic band 1*1 and the pattern of "Stars".

Knit pattern Sprocket spokes.

Pattern the asterisk is obtained by vyvazhivanii of the three loops on the needle three loops. To do this, enter the pin in the front three loops on the left needle and the front are finished them together for the bottom slices without removing the tied loops, make a yo on the right needle and again are finished in the same three loops facial, then knit loops on the left spokes are removed.

Scheme crochet pattern "stars staggered"

The number of loops multiple of 6 + 2 chrome.
Row 1 — *3 the front, of the three to make 3, repeat from *
2 and 4 rows — purl loop
3rd row — *3 3, 3 facial — repeat from*
5th row — repeat 1st.

Use the asterisk pattern for knitting sweaters, jackets, vests. Especially often it is used in the children's knitting kits. These knitted baby things look particularly original.

Booties are tied at the MK booties "Dog".

Here is a description of beanie
Knitted hat for newborn knitting pattern "stars", decorated with flounces, made a hook, yarn pink color.

In order to link the cap for a newborn spokes you will need: 50 g wool blend yarn in white, several meters of yarn pink color for the trim cap, the spokes of No. 3 knitting needles No. 2 — 5 PCs, hook №3.

We print on the spokes №3 55 loops and knit elastic 1x1 — 6 series.
7 the lines are finished the reverse, evenly adding of broaches 10 loops = 65 p.
with the number 8 begins to knit pattern. knit 20 rows.

The pattern of the stars
1st row — *1 star, 1 front — to continue until the end of the series
2 row: purl loops
3 row — 2 front, * 1 star, 1 facial — repeat from * to end
4 row: purl loops
Row 5 — repeat row 1

Begin shaping the crown of the beanie for a newborn — go on 5 spokes number 2, begin knitting in a circle.
immediately after the pattern "stars" are finished a single circular row of purl, uniformly subtracting it 5 loops = 60 loops.
the top of the front knit stitch, subtracting loops 10 wedges for this
in the first row are finished along the front every 5-th 6-th loop 10 times
then are finished a row without ubavo (the wedges were more elongated)
3 row — are finished together, 4 and 5 loops
4 the number of all facial
5 number — 3 or 4
6 a row — without ubavo
7 row 2 and 3 together
8 row — front without ubavo
9 row — all loops are finished and 2 together.
the remaining 10 loops subtended by a needle and suture.

Then, using the hook begins to knit frills on the hat.
7 a number of hats that knit purl in each loop are finished in 2 column with 2 yo, with a thread of pink color. Then draw the edge of the ruffles Pico thread in white, this knit *3 St without nakida — 2 air loop — St without nakida in the same 3-TEW loop — repeat from * to the end of the ruffles.

You can make a second row of ruffle on the top, in the row that was knit purl after the pattern of the stars.

Tie the laces and cap for newborn girls are ready.

схема узора

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