Hat and scarf knitting. Job Svetlana

Шапка и шарф спицами. Работа Светланы вязание и схемы вязания

The associated set of 300g of yarn of the wool. 56 size.
Knitting needles 3 mm, 3.75 mm, 5.5 mm.

Knit beanie:

Consists of five identical wedges, which are knitted simultaneously. Dial on the spokes of 3 mm, 116 loops and knit elastic 2*2 - 7 row.
Then take 3.75 mm needles and begin knitting in pattern, 16 cm (height is taken into account together with rubber band) in the first row of the figure, each wedge evenly adding 4 loops, get loops 135 (27*5).
At the top of the cap, through 16 cm, do the decrease, in each row and in each wedge decreases by 2 loops, you get 10 loops in each row (2*5). Using 21 cm (height is taken into account together with elastic), the remaining loops are contractible, fasten thread on the wrong side of the work.

Scheme knitting hats:

Схема вязания шапки:

Description of scarf

Scarf fit waffle-knit 1*1, which is perfect for knitting scarves. Related thing turns out soft and voluminous.
We print on the spokes of 5.5 mm, an odd number of stitches + 2 edge loops.

In this case, 33 loop + 2 edge loops.
1st row: chrome. loop *1 loop front sleduushee remove the loop with nakida* chrome. loop
2nd row: chrome. loop *loop with nakida, facial are finished for the front wall to remove the reverse loop with nakida* chrome. p.
Work all front loop knit facial loops, purl all loops remove with stitches.
The length of the scarf 430 series.

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